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Drama and Poetry

Drama and creative writing and poetry are great ways of stimulating children's imaginations and bringing history to life - much more memorable than reading about things in a book!

Staff from the Scottish Youth Theatre visited Arrochar Primary School and ran a series of drama workshops to explore the area's Viking heritage. They filmed the workshops and edited the footage to produce a DVD for use at the conference in May 2014.

Creative writing tutor Alistair Paterson spent time with each class at Arrochar Primary, encouraging them to write stories to reflect the coming of the Vikings to Arrochar and Tarbet in 1263. The children imagined what it would have been like to be a Viking or a McFarlane, and wrote about what they might have seen, and how they might have felt. We hope to be able to celebrate these stories and poems - possibly using the stalwart 'tea-towel', together with some of the fantastic artwork that the pupils have produced.


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