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Volunteering: The Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust believes voluntary action is important to the sustainability of our community. We asked local people to help us investigate our heritage and landscape, while offering them opportunities to be trained in new skills, gather new information, appreciate the area differently and meet new people. We hope this project will encourage volunteering and help local people promote our area to visitors so that our landscape and heritage is cherished and respected.

Partnerships: We commissioned professionals and experts to train us and help us investigate our heritage, whilst ensuring we maintained good quality standards. We were fortunate to receive funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Argyll and the Islands LEADER to fund these services. We worked with Northlight Heritage and other experts to help us achieve this.

Young People: Much emphasis was placed on involving young people and schools in the Hidden Heritage Project. Young people contributed their ideas about how we perceive the landscape and our heritage. Arrochar and Luss Primary Schools, Hermitage Academy and Lomond School participated in the project, including taking part in walkover survey, scale drawing, excavation, post-excavation and interpretation. See the Schools section for more info.


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