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Involving schools is a key part of the Hidden Heritage Project. We believe that it’s essential to encourage young people to understand and appreciate their heritage to ensure that they’ll care for it in the future.

The two local primary schools, Arrochar and Luss, and two local secondary schools, Hermitage Academy and Lomond, have had/will have opportunities to be involved in some of a wide range of activities organised by the project. These include Viking-based activities to reflect the use of the landscape as a Viking portage route, and wider heritage/archaeology-based activities to investigate its use throughout the ages.

Some of the activities:

  • An introduction to surveying and drawing plans (Brian Wilkinson)
  • A chance to learn about Vikings in Scotland and handle real Viking artefacts (Dr. Colleen Batey)
  • Introduction to using historic documents to investigate the past (Brian Wilkinson)
  • A visit by the Glasgow Vikings!
  • Craft activities including making replica Lewis chessmen, model Viking longships, and runic jewellery
  • Participating in the walkover survey of the isthmus (Northlight Heritage)
  • Writing poems with a creative writing tutor and professional poet (Alistair Paterson)
  • Themed drama workshops (Scottish Youth Theatre)
  • Excavation!! (Northlight Heritage)
  • Helping to create a Viking longship-themed playground musical instrument (GalGael Trust)
  • Visit to Vikingar in Largs to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Largs
  • Visit to the GalGael workshop in Govan to find out about traditional boat-building techniques, as once used by the Vikings!
  • Helping mosaicist Dugald MacInnes to come up with ideas for a slate interpretation panel for the heritage trail
  • A twinning project with an Icelandic primary school


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