axe and helmetwollen overdress with beadsspindle and drinking hornshield and swordselection of replica Viking artefactsmen's clothescopper cloak fastenerchain mail

Viking Resources

The Vikings are an exciting part of the area’s heritage. King Haco’s men sailed their ships up Loch Long just before the famous Battle of Largs in 1263. They then dragged their boats across the isthmus to Loch Lomond, where they burnt and raided the islands. But apart from this episode, right at the end of the period of Viking activity in Scotland, we know that Vikings (or the Norse) had been living, as well as fighting in the area for hundreds of years before that. Check out the evidence for Viking activity around the Clyde, or download a copy of our guide to sites with archaeological evidence of Viking activity in the area.

Although schools regularly study the Vikings, we wanted to emphasize the importance of the local Viking connections. The project therefore provided resource boxes that include not only a spectacular selection of replica Viking artefacts and costumes (provided by Ceolred Monger), but also photographs and written material of direct relevance to the local area. These resource boxes, which are suitable for primary-age children, are held by the Project, and are available to borrow. Click here to download a list of the replica items.