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We've tried to make the results of all the different parts of the project as accessible as possible. Most can be downloaded freely from this website but if you have any problems accessing them, please let us know. We have included results for excavations/activities that were not carried out as part of the Hidden Heritage Project, but which are directly relevant to the area. We are hugely grateful to all those involved in these activities for allowing us to share their results, particularly Clan Macfarlane Worldwide, Calluna Archaeology and Argyll Archaeology.

Some, like our photography book, unfortunately can't be downloaded :(  BUT, we have a few free copies! If you'd like one, let us know and we can get one to you for the cost of the postage and packing.

Click on the different headings on the right to see the results. (Results of the excavations carried out as part of the current project are at the top, and other things are in alphabetical order).