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The Heritage

The strategic location of the isthmus and our three villages has shaped the history of the area for thousands of years.

The hillsides around Loch Long and Loch Lomond bear testament to the many, small communities that used to live here. A few tumbled walls are now all that remain of settlements such as Creag an't Searraich, High Morlaggan, Stuc na Cloich, and Tyvechtican, whose inhabitants abandoned their cottages and self-sufficient lifestyles in favour of towns and cities, or to travel to America or Australia. The descendants of many of these still live in the villages, and play an active role in uncovering the facts about their ancestors' way of life.

The Hidden Heritage Project has surveyed and is recording the hidden historical features on the isthmus. We will produce a map and publish the results of what we find. We will add to this section of the website as we discover new information.

The villages of Arrochar, Tarbet, Succoth and nearby Ardlui have a thriving and active heritage community. For lots more information about the local heritage, visit the websites of the Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui Heritage Group and the Morlaggan Rural Settlement Group.


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