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Viking Sites

Based on the summary of Viking activity around the Clyde written by Dr. Elizabeth Pierce, we've produced a leaflet documenting sites with archaeological evidence of Viking activity. The leaflet includes a map, allowing you to drive the routes once travelled by the Vikings, and to read about what was found at the different sites. 

Leaflets can be picked up at the Three Villages Hall and at various other places, and a copy can be downloaded here (though it's not quite as clear as the printed version).

Discover Viking runes on Arran and the sites of amazing archaeological discoveries such as the Hunterston brooch, visit Govan Old Parish Church to see their spectacular collection of Viking 'hogback' stones, walk over the site of a Viking cemetery, and travel across the Arrochar-Tarbet isthmus where King Hakon's men dragged their boats in 1263!

from Olaus Magnus - History of the Nordic People, 1555



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