Place Names

Click on the links below to download a range of place name resources:

'The Gaelic Place Names of Arrochar Parish' by Elizabeth Carmichael, Irene Wotherspoon, Libby King and Ann Bray. This book was produced by volunteers as part of the Hidden Heritage Project. It's free to download from the above link.

A few relevant resources:

General resources for the study of place names in the Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui

Notes for place name collection and analysis

Example of a Charter of the Earldom of Lennox

Field name recording sheet

Scottish place name record sheet 2013

Place names of the Parish of Arrochar

You can find a lovely selection of booklets on Gaelic place names on the Scottish Natural heritage (SNH) website. These are all free to download:

Gaelic in the Landscape - Place names in the North West Highlands 

Gaelic and Norse in the Landscape

Gaelic in the Landscape - Place-Names in Islay and Jura

Gaelic in the Landscape - The Rough Bounds of Lochaber


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