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Heritage Trail

The Hidden Heritage Project not only wanted to find out more about the heritage and archaeology of the isthmus between Arrochar and Tarbet, but also wanted to let other people know what a rich heritage and beautiful landscape the area has to offer. 

The project has therefore used new and existing information to develop a heritage trail that follows a circular route around the isthmus between Arrochar and Tarbet. The Hidden Heritage Trail is about 3.5 miles long and follows part of the Three Lochs Way footpath - however, for those who don't want to walk the whole loop, the trail can be accessed at various points along its route.

The leaflet proved so popular that we've run out, but you can download a copy here. However, stimulated by the success of the trail, Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust have now produced a new walks leaflet, with info on this and a selection of other walks in the area. You can pick up a copy for a small donation from the 3 Villages Hall or Community Cafe in Arrochar. You can also download a copy here, but it isn't as clear as the printed version - use this as a taster and donate and pick up a printed leaflet when you're in the area! (All donations go to printing more leaflets or to support other community projects). Read more here.

Thanks to St. Andrews University Open Virtual Worlds group, we now have a phone app for our heritage trail! Special thanks to Ade Fabola and Alan Miller for making that possible. You can download a version of the 'Arrochar Mobile App' for Android devices HERE, or an IOS version from iTunes HERE. This is still a bit of a work in progress, so we'd love to hear from you if you've tried it. Let us know if there are any glitches, and please send us any photos or video clips you take along the way :)

Hidden Heritage has also teamed up with 'Global Treasure Apps' to create an interactive treasure hunt for the Hidden Heritage Trail. As you walk, a simple quiz with images uncovers the secrets of the landscape with a reward for completing the trail! Download the FREE app now and explore the Hidden Heritage of this spectacular part of Scotland. Follow in the footsteps of Viking raiders, trace the history of the once-powerful MacFarlane clan, and marvel at the scenery that’s attracted tourists and climbers for hundreds of years.... Look for Global Treasure Apps in your app store, and find the Hidden Heritage Trail. While you're there, why not check out some of the other Treasure Trails for sites in Britain and across the globe. 

Interpretation panels are located at the Three Villages Hall, Tarbet Pier and at the side of the trail, opposite Ballyhennan. A beautiful slate interpretation panel is also located in the pavement outside the Three Villages Hall in Arrochar. This was created by mosaic artist Dugald MacInnes, and incorporates ideas from the children of Arrochar Primary School.