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We recognise that cultural heritage tourism can help boost a local economy. Our magnificent landscapes and seascapes draw visitors to the area, and we hope our heritage 'stories' will tempt them to stay longer. The results of our archaeological investigations will provide a sound foundation on which to build a range of promotional materials, which will aim to attract visitors and help people understand the secret histories hidden in this special landscape.

Heritage trail: There are existing public walking routes that cross the isthmus including the Three Lochs Way and routes through Argyll Forest Park, managed by the Forestry Commission. The Hidden Heritage Project has used new and existing heritage information to develop a Heritage Trail between Arrochar and Tarbet, with interpretation panels and leaflets. Click here to download a leaflet.

Vikings in Strathclyde: The project commissioned Dr. Elizabeth Pierce to write a summary of the archaeological evidence for Vikings in the Clyde, and has used this to produce a leaflet and a map with information on these sites, to encourage visitors to travel along the Clyde to Arrochar and beyond. The sites include Govan's famous hog-back stones, the site of the  Battle of Largs in 1263, and the portage route between Arrochar and Tarbet.

Posters: We commissioned a graphic designer to produce posters to promote the conference and the project as a whole.

Academic publications: All the archaeological results will be written up and published in appropriate academic publications.

Photography book: We have produced a photography book called 'Reflections of a Hidden Landscape' to document the Hidden Heritage Project.

Place name booklet: As the result of a workshop on local place names held by Dr. Simon Taylor, a group of volunteers researched the place names of Arrochar parish and produced a booklet on them. You can view/download a copy of 'The Gaelic Place Names of Arrochar Parish' here (it's a large file so might take a while).

Children's poster: We commissioned a graphic designer and an illustrator to produce a poster called 'Who's Hiding in the Hills', aimed at children, depicting the landscape of the isthmus. Hidden clues point to to some of its heritage sites and events, and 'Vigleik the Viking' encourages the children to hunt for the figures and artefacts hiding in the hills and among the trees. Printed copies have been distributed free to local primary school children, but you can see/download a lower resolution version here.

Website and social media: We have used this website and our Facebook page to promote the project and the heritage that we're investigating and celebrating.

Conference: We held a conference on 10th May 2014 attended by about 70 project volunteers and other interested people. There were talks on various aspects of the project, as well as opportunities to see the artefacts discovered, talk to the archaeologists and view displays and audio-visual presentations.

Community development: The Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust hosts this project. The Trust will continue to promote the heritage the project uncovers, and will use our investigations to further develop the economy of the area. It aims to ensure the landscape and its hidden heritage is understood, appreciated, cared for and protected into the future.



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